There Are Several Different Programs Available:

Standard officer by the hour with a fixed hourly rate* includes:

  • All Hiring Costs
  • State & Union Registrations
  • Scheduling
  • Training (up To 6 Hours)
  • Replacement Scheduling
  • All Payroll Related Matters
  • Liability Insurance**
  • Sick Time
  • Vacation

Multiple Rate:

  • Allows For Different Salary Rates In Consideration Of Seniority
  • Incentive Program
  • Performance
  • Supervision


Private labeling:

Provides for customer identification of your logo or appearance of an in-house security program with the use of custom patches and or badges on the traditional style security uniform or soft blazer and slacks


*in accordance with our Local 73 contract there are periodic scheduled increases that will be passed on in our billing.

**all insurance liability is limited to the extent of our coverage.