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Security Officers
There are several different programs available:

Standard officer by the hour with a fixed hourly rate* includes:
  • All hiring costs
  • state & union registrations
  • scheduling
  • training (up to 6 hours)
  • replacement scheduling
  • all payroll related matters
  • liability insurance**
  • sick time
  • vacation
*in accordance with our Local 73 contract there are periodic scheduled increases that will be passed on in our billing.
**all insurance liability is limited to the extent of our coverage.

Multiple Rate:
  • Allows for different salary rates in consideration of-
  • Incentive program
  • performance
Premium rate:
  • Allows the customer the option of setting the hourly guard rate higher than the current competitive rate, therefore attracting a higher caliber officer and retaining the staff for longer periods.
Private labeling:
  • Provides for customer identification of your logo or appearance of an in-house security program with the use of custom patches and or badges on the traditional style security uniform or soft blazer and slacks.
Cost Plus:
  • Provides for the customer to specify the rate of pay, scheduled benefits and supervisory arrangements, with the benefit of our administering the program for a small fee.
    This allows the customer to set the specifications for all aspects of the service and have UNB implement the program.