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"I feel your men have always gone above the normal call of duty in giving us the protection and assistance we need."

Jorie Butler
International Sports Core
February, 1974

"I am writing in recognition of a job well done by one of your employees who performed his duties admirably."

Paul Vial
Ace Hardware
August, 1983

"I do want to make a specific note of our great pleasure with, and admiration for you and your fine organisation."
  Rusty Sisson
American Growth Group
January, 1984
"I would like to thank and inform you about the excelent job done by one of your employees who is very trustwothy and capable."

Harry McGinnis
The Bradford Exchange
July, 1987

"Your part in contributing to the success of our team during the Senior Open is sincerely appreciated."
  Michael A. Butz
U.S. Golf Association
August, 1998
I need to take a moment to identify a member of your staff that has been most instrumental in providing not only the finest security available but also a warm personality with a never ending smile."
  James J Cusack
April, 1990
"The Purpose of this letter is to highlight the outstanding performance of one of your employees."
  Paul F. Petricca
Commerce Plaza
LaSalle Partners
January, 1991
"I have always found value in your nightly security patrols and the reports your gaurds generate."

Gary A Wenzel
David King & Associates
Sptember, 1996

"I want to personally write you to express my appreciation for the excellent security patrol service you have provided the 1550 building since 1978."
  Bruce Menke
American Land Companies
October, 1997
"Everyone always seems to have time to complain. I want to take this opprotunity to compliment and thank you on the assistance that has been lent to the Westchester Office Center."

Susan Powers
Westchester Office Center
October, 1998